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What is a payment gateway and a merchant account?
This explains what a payment gateway and a merchant account is and when you might need one.

Trouble Shooting - Payment Method box is not showing text
BNZ Buyline issue - If you have selected payment options within the cart setup area and they are not displaying correctly.

Selecting the right credit card payment gateway / merchant account. NZ
Which payment gateway and merchant account is best for me? Who do i contact? information for our New Zealand clients

What other Payment Options can I offer on my website?
Choose from the following list of payment options

Credit Card Payment Notifications
How do I access credit card payment notifications?

Shopping Cart Transaction Messages
Here is how to create a thank you page after your customers place an order and process their credit card details

Hosted Payment Solution, or your own SSL cert?
Most payment gateways offer you two options: To implement your own checkout, or to use a hosted payment page. We suggest you use the hosted payment page.

Information for Completing Merchant Account Forms
Here are the technical answers to questions you may find on the form when you setup a new merchant accoun

Paymark Logins
If you are using Paymark for viewing your merchant transactions, please refer to these logins

Where to add Returns Policy information
Where to add your returns text for the link at the base of the shopping cart

Adding additional information to a successful credit card transaction
Where to add additional comments or information for a successful credit card transaction

Working with Custom Payment Options
We now support a custom FORM/URL builder. So you can integrate almost any known payment gateway, using our dynamic parameter and custom HTML code segment.

Subscription Payments
You can copy/paste code from paypal subscription button generation area.

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