FAQ - Page Basics

Here you will find our extensive tutorials on how to use our Content Management System. You can also look by keyword using the search facility at the bottom of this page.

How do I add a new page?
This example shows you how to add a new web page to your existing website

What kind of page template should I use?
We have a large selection of pre-formatted pages ready to go for whatever purpose you might need. Here is an explanation of some of the most useful

Removing or deleting a page
How do I remove a page?

Setting your homepage
How do you choose which page appears when someone arrives at your site?

What can I use a single plain pages for?
Here is a brief introduction to single plain pages - the general purpose workhorse of many websites.

Hidden Pages and Password Protected Pages
How do I make a page hidden? Whats the different between hidden from menu and hidden from everyone? How hidden are the pages?

Hiding default page headings
When you add a new page button, the button name automatically becomes the Page Title. To delete or rename this title...

Changing the page layout
If you want to change the layout of a page there are a couple of places to do it

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