Refer a friend and get a discount on your hosting fees

Whenever you introduce new customers to our free website builder, you could be entitled to receive a discount on your hosting fees! Here's how it works:


Tell your contacts about us:

✔ send an email
✔ share our website on social media
✔ blog about us
✔ add your referral link to your footer


Ask them to mention your name or website when they start their Free Trial.

(If they come to us after clicking on your personalised referral link, this step is not necessary.)


Once one of your contacts makes a website live, you will start receiving a rebate on your hosting fees.

This rebate is credited directly to your own hosting account.

More information

  • You will receive a massive 25% discount (ongoing) for each and every new customer that you refer to us.
  • This discount also applies if you have 2 or more live websites yourself. The discount will be applied to the cheaper plan.
  • The rebates are calculated automatically - you will see a reduction on your hosting fees under Accounts.


  • You must be a current customer with at least one live website yourself.
  • You will receive a discount based on your referred contact's first website, but not on any subsequent websites they create (as they will then be entitled to a rebate of their own).
  • The discount is ongoing (not a one-off), but it will only apply as long as both websites (yours and theirs) are live.
  • The discount may be cancelled if either account falls into arrears.
  • The discount is applied to web hosting fees only. It will not be applied to domain name registration/renewal charges, web design fees or any other services provided by us.
  • If their website is on a different hosting plan to yours, the discount will be calculated on the cheapest plan of the two.

Where to find your personal referral link

  1. Log on to the CMS to access your account
  2. On the Welcome screen, click on "Learn More About Referrals"
  3. On the next screen, click on "Generate affiliate links and banner adverts for your website"
  4. Use the links on emails, blog posts, social media, website footer, etc..
  5. On the previous screen, you can also check your affiliate section to see who has used your link to build their own website.

How referrals are tracked

If someone uses your personal affiliate link to create a website of their own, this will be sufficient for our system to link both accounts and for you to receive your rebate when their website goes live.

However, if the referral has been made verbally for example, and your referred contact doesn't use your personal referral link, you need to let us know as soon as they begin their 30 day trial (or soon after they go live), so we can link the accounts manually. You will know the referral link has not been used if you cannot see the new customer in your affiliate section.

Please note: we cannot backdate rebates. If the new website has been live for some time when you notify us, rebates 
will only begin from the next anniversary date. Therefore, in order to avoid disappointment, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible.

How to add a referral link to your website's footer

  1. Follow steps 1-3 under "Where to find your personal referral link" above
  2. Copy the text under "Text Link"
  3. Now go to Design > Copyright / Footer
  4. Click on "Edit" under the last option "Footer (eg custom copyright message, lower menu )"
  5. Paste the Text Link copied in step 2. 
  6. Click Save, then Publish.

Now, if any visitor to your website clicks on this link to visit ours and create their own website, you could soon start receiving your first discount!

NB. The default text reads "Learn how to create your own website here", but you can change this to anything you want, i.e. "Website created via Free DIY Websites", or anything you like. Just be careful not to delete any other characters before or after this sentence. 

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