We use the content management system with the most features on the market, but which remains the easiest to use. Our shopping carts, mailing lists, bulk emailer, order management and content management are all integrated into one management login. Take a look at the long list of our popular features:

General features

  • Website Creation / Design (Use our wizards, change colours, upload logo, etc)
  • Website Hosting
  • Content Management System (CMS) - Update your website easily with various editors available (Drag & Drop, WYSIWYG, Raw HTML)
  • No software installation required, update your website from any web browser, any time, anywhere
  • Search Engine Optimisation for Google and other search engines
  • Web statistics - AWSTATS (view traffic and visitor analysis, link analysis, search engine stats)
  • Email accounts management, email forwarding and POP3/IMAP options
  • Integrated domain name registration makes registering and setting up your website easy
  • Web-based file and photo management with optional FTP access for bulk file uploads
  • Add new pages easily yourself
  • Enquiry Forms, Registration Forms
  • Full shopping cart, Photo galleries, News / Blog pages, File downloads page
  • Events page with auto responders and auto reminders as well as attendee management
  • Real estate gallery pages

Password Protection

  • Password protect any page or your shopping cart
  • Limit access to some pages by member group or access level or both
  • Create portfolio/project pages that only one particular customer can access
  • Create "MyFiles" repositories for each of your customers or staff, that only they can access
  • Each customer gets a unique password and they can update their own password and profile
  • Members can be assigned web pages that only they can edit, e.g. good for advertising directories

Shopping Cart Features

Our E-commerce facility is available for Standard hosting plans and above.

  • Integration to various payment methods / gateways including: Worldpay, PayPal, PayMex, PayMate, DPS, PayStation, Flo2Cash, ANZ eGate, BNZ Buyline, Westpac WIPS , Commonwealth Bank. Please note that credit card networks and payment gateways will charge you additional fees.
  • Secure Credit Card Form pages
  • Online banking payment links for NZ and Australia
  • Various visual layouts
  • Discounts - Fixed dollar with minimum spend, Percentage with minimum spend
  • Promotion Codes, Voucher Code Redemption
  • Email notifications
  • Product options, sizes and colours - all 3 are possible per product
  • Multilevel categories, dynamic CSS category menus (each product can belong to several categories)
  • Up to 8 special price groups per product (each member assigned to a price group)
  • Upload inventory and pricing information from excel or your accounting software
  • Download order history to excel or your accounting software
  • Payment gateway "successful payment" callback data added to orders database
  • Report on incompleted baskets
  • Secure members-only purchasing with monitoring of their basket activity
  • Custom fields on the order form such as Gift Cards, Delivery Address, etc
  • Shipping / Freight calculator (by region, unit, base fee, weight, or item)
  • Sales Tax calculator
  • Dual pricing / Dual Currency
  • Currency converters linked to prices for fast conversion

Bulk Emailer

Our bulk emailer facility is available for Standard hosting plans and above.

  • Manage up to thousands of members
  • One email per member, addressed directly
  • Opt in / Opt Out
  • Read statistics
  • Filter by member groups / levels / country or other search
  • Emails "drip fed" to prevent false spam detection
  • All shoppers automatically added to mailling list (Unsubscribe feature automated)
  • HTML formatted emails
  • Runs on our server, so no issues with your ISP
  • All contact us enquiries can be automatically added to mailing list
  • Duplicate email deleter
  • Fast email deleter tool to remove failed deliveries
  • Import email list from CSV or Outlook Express
  • Import cut and paste email list

Chat Forums

Our chat forum facility is available for Standard hosting plans and above

  • Category summary with last date and message count 
  • Block bad words / spam filter
  • Email confirmation link to minimise spammers or illegal use
  • Integrated management tool to manage multiple forums in one place
  • Message posters' email addresses kept confidential
  • Auto expire periods between 1 day up to 1 year
  • Attach photo option (subject to additional traffic/space requirements)

Sounds good? Why not give it a go! No obligation, no contracts, no spam. 

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